Ways My 🐱 Is Like a 🐶

Her name is Roo (full name: Arya Rigby Fishbreath), she has a magical movie-worthy origin story (that's for another list), and she's the best cat known to humankind.
  1. She greets me at the door when I come home
  2. She follows her humans around
  3. She has crippling FOMO and can't be in a different room from her humans
  4. She's extremely affectionate
  5. When I cuddle and pet her, she gets so happy she drools
  6. Then she shakes her head and flings drool all over
  7. She learned to sit on command, for treats
  8. She puts on a very cute begging face when there's any meat around
  9. She destroys things by chewing on them
  10. She loves dried pigs' ears and meat bones
  11. She doesn't mind being bathed
  12. She barks
    Like a tiny pomeranian yip/whine; we call it a murp (a meow-chirp)
  13. She's so smart
    She's a whiz at cat puzzles
  14. ...but she's also pretty dumb
  15. When she's tired, she pants with her tongue sticking out
  16. She likes everyone
  17. Everyone likes her
  18. Even dog people
  19. ESPECIALLY dog people
    She has actually converted a sizable number of dog people into changing their opinions about cats
  20. I mean, look at her
  21. Here's another
  22. She's so cute
  23. Last one, I promise