1. Buzz Aldrin
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  2. Her own minutes-old baby
  3. Misao Okawa, world's oldest woman
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  4. A panda
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  5. Aung San Suu Kyi
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  6. The Rock
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  7. Malala
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  8. Angela Merkl
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  9. Pope Francis
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  10. The entire Brady Bunch
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  11. Willie Nelson
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  12. Garfield
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  13. Jim Henson's Ghost
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    Suggested by @Waz
  14. Tom Brady & Roger Goodell
    Suggested by @mattselman
  15. 1D
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    Suggested by @cherrycheva
  16. Elian Gonzalez reunited with this American puppy.
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    Suggested by @Suzanne
  17. Kerri Strug
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    Suggested by @jujujerni
  18. Tommy Wiseau of 'The Room.'
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    Suggested by @mysticsister
  19. Ronda Rousey
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    Suggested by @sippey
  20. Man Utd
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    Suggested by @kathryncareyryan
  21. Pavarotti
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    Suggested by @kathryncareyryan