Per request, a longtime fascination. I'm an Oswald single shooter man. The single best work on this, imo, is the documentary Oswald's Ghost, up on YouTube:
  1. The Accidental Third Shot Theory
    The theory that Oswald fired the first two shots, but the third and fatal shot that really blew Kennedy's head off was fired by accident by Secret Service agent George Hickey, who was waving around an AR-15 automatic rifle in the car behind. There's some interesting evidence for this summarized in Bill James' very readable book Popular Crime.
  2. Oswald had already tried to assassinate somebody
    Seven months earlier he tried to shoot retired General Edwin Walker, who was an ultra-right wing, anti-civil rights political figure living in Dallas. He missed. There's pretty good evidence: among other things Oswald left a note for his wife Marina that night that was like "hey um if I get taken prisoner tonight here's sixty bucks and the key to our mailbox."
  3. Nobody knew what to do with Marina Oswald
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    The Secret Service put her in a motel at the original Six Flags for awhile. The manager of the motel fell in love with her and offered to leave his wife for her. Eventually she married another guy. She's still around - two years ago a British tabloid took pictures of her leaving Wal-Mart. People thought she was a bit of a babe I guess.
  4. LBJ and Robert Kennedy were never totally convinced Castro didn't have something to do with it
    After he was out of office LBJ suggested "international connections" in an interview with Walter Cronkite. "I have come to believe that Robert Kennedy experienced that unbelievable grief after his brother's death because he believed it was linked to his - Bobby's - efforts to kill Castro," said LBJ's domestic advisor Joesph Califano. There's pretty thin evidence of this. More just a feeling. LBJ once said he thought the JFK assassination was "divine retribution" for CIA murders and attempts.
  5. Assassinating the president wasn't a federal crime
    Everybody was sort of shocked to realize this after the fact. If Oswald had lived he would've been tried for murder in a Texas court. It might've been a real mess! LBJ quickly fixed this, and it's now a federal crime to murder (or kidnap) the president.
  6. Bonus: The Umbrella Man
    Watch this awesome six minute Errol Morris documentary about a weird mini-mystery.
  7. Double Bonus: there were, absolutely, conspiracies nearby
    Look: JFK did have all kinds of twisted secrets. He HAD at least allowed foreign leaders to be assassinated with foreknowledge. Oswald had surely been talked to by Soviet agents when he was in Russia. The FBI knew about Oswald, or else they lied about it because NOT knowing about him would've been incompetent. Probably Oswald did meet some sketchy characters. Jack Ruby was weird as hell. But:
  8. BUT: Oswald did it alone.
    The more you read about him, the more it makes sense. It's weird, it's seemingly incomprehensible - like most of history.
  9. TRIPLE bonus take one last fact
    "The inclusion of Dallas in the itinerary was not confirmed until November 9 - three weeks after Oswald had been hired at the book depository. And it was not until November 19, only three days before Kennedy's arrival, that the motorcade route past the book depository was made public. It was "sheer coincidence" that put Oswald in a building where he would have a clear shot at the president, [Warren Commissioner and future President Gerald] Ford could see."
  10. (That last fact and more from this book, tho not highly recommended for the casual reader)
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  11. What if there was a conspiracy to kill Oswald?
    He'd shot a cop, it was gonna be a mess - maybe the Dallas cops had their weird cancer-diagnosed buddy Ruby end the headache, keep Oswald from possible embarrassing reveals.