1. Exactly how long the movie is
  2. Where the secret bathroom is
  3. What shoes to wear
  4. How much to take
  5. Who's gonna be there
  6. What time to actually show up
  7. If she's gonna be there
  8. The best new songs
  9. If it's serious
  10. The backstory
  11. What his wife's name is again
  12. If there's gonna be food
  13. Where to park
  14. How to pronounce it
  15. What they're known for
  16. What they don't want to talk about
  17. If they're interested
  18. Where your friends are
  19. What to pack
  20. How to turn their TV on
  21. The wifi password
  22. How late they're open
  23. The good shortcut
  24. Where to get coffee fast
  25. If it's on Netflix Instant
  26. If you might want a swimsuit
  27. Someone who's from there
  28. How to get back home