Met a cool kid smoking pot behind the mall who taught me these. Let me know if you hear more!
  1. Taking it off channel
    You and a new listapp buddy take it to Twitter (or even text!)
  2. Blissting
    That fugue-like state where you and the list you're writing are one.
  3. Psychfollow
    When someone cool follows you and you're psyched.
  4. ListerSisters
    When you and somebody else write similar lists you are listersisters. Can be a little passive-aggressive to point that out though: "omg see MY list of places to get brunch near Wesleyan we're listersisters!" Can apply to men as well as women, gender is very fluid on the listapp.
  5. Actionable
    A list where like I'm gonna do at least some of the stuff immediately or like THIS weekend or like not THIS weekend but DEFINITELY soon
  6. Bringers
    People you brought into the app, eg "@Zacky and @mmckw are two of my bringers so I'm obviously really proud when I see them blissting."
  7. Offgrid
    See "offchannel" but this means more like "irl," like "I've actually hung out with @sophia offgrid."
  8. OLing
    Over-listing. I'll fess up, I've done it.