Check out this book, sort of a diary/proto-blog written in 10th century Japan by a aristocratic woman who was maybe 30. Feel like Sei Shonagon would've been friends with @sophia and @mindy
  1. Things that have lost their power
    A woman, who is angry with her husband about some trifling matter, leaves home and goes somewhere to hide. She is certain that he will rush about looking for her; but he does nothing of the kind and shows the most infuriating indifference. Since she cannot stay away for ever, she swallows her pride and returns.
  2. Things that make one's heart beat faster
    On a night when you're expecting someone to come, there's a sudden gust of rain and something rattles in the wind.
  3. Infuriating things
    A very ordinary person who beams inanely as she prattles on and on
  4. Elegant things
    A pretty child eating strawberries.
  5. Nothing can be worse
    Allowing the driver of one's ox-carriage to be poorly dressed.
  6. Unsuitable things
    Ugly handwriting on red paper
  7. Rare Things
    People who live together and still behave with reserve to each other.
  8. Awkward Things
    One has allowed oneself to speak badly about someone without really intending to do so; a young child who has overheard it all goes and repeats what one has said in front of the person in question.
  9. Things without merit
    An ugly person of bad character
  10. Deeply Irritating Things
    A man who has nothing in particular to recommend him discusses all sorts of subjects at random as though he knew everything One is telling a story about old times when someone breaks in with a little detail that he happens to know, implying that one’s own version is inaccurate—disgusting behaviour!
  11. Things that should be short
    The speech of a young girl
  12. Things that make the heart lurch with anxiety
    Your heart naturally lurches when you hear the voice of your secret lover in an unexpected place, but the same thing happens even when you hear someone else talking about him. It also lurches when someone you really detest arrives for a visit.