Recently recorded my own audiobook for THE WONDER TRAIL, out June 14. A humbling experience. Here are some of my all time most memorable favs, add your own.
  1. Born Standing Up by Steve Martin
    Short, deep, illuminating, fun. Listened on a road trip up the 395 where I got a flat tire and two speeding tickets. Was happy to have this thoughtful companion
  2. Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe
    Incredible. Inject yourself with Rob Lowe's ridiculous self-confidence and tales of a Malibu teenage hood, plus impressions of everyone from Tom Cruise to Francis Ford Coppola. My one note would be this book leans heavily on a cut scene The Outsiders, but altogether just a blast. The sequel Love Life is 70% as good which is still great. Enlivened a drive to San Francisco with sis one spring.
  3. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy read by Richard Poe
    Audiobook might be the best way to take on this daunting, mesmerizing masterpiece that's stands with best American literature ever. You will start seeing warmad horribles out of a fevered dream in the next lane. Listened to it driving in the desert - perfect.
  4. Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox
    Celebrity memoirs make great audiobooks, and this is one of the most thoughtful and moving I can remember, will also not skimping on Family Ties backstage fun. Made a long rip up the 5 into a breeze.
  5. Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson read by Will Patton
    Dark, hilarious short stories about scammers and drug addicts by the man who is, for my money, the best audiobook reader in the game. Listened driving solo across Texas - several legit LOLs.
  6. The Laughing Monsters by Denis Johnson read by Scott Shepherd
    Wild spy/criminal romp in west Africa post-9/11. Great character performances by Scott Shepherd. Short enough for one up and back road trip.
  7. Historic Conversations with Jacqueline Kennedy
    Not a book exactly, but do you want to hear Jackie, interviewed months after her husband's death, talk about JFK's napping habits and how the Kennedy brothers treated each other? Warning you need a decent background in the major players of the JFK administration to follow this. On the plus side you can hear the cocktail glasses and sometimes Jackie scolding her kids.
  8. Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford read by Susan Denaker
    Counterpoint to above. Forty some years later a former intern recounts how she was pretty much raped by JFK and how that messed up her life.
  9. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    I could see finding this infuriating as Liz implores us "dear ones" to live our most creative lives but I was into it. Also she believes ideas have consciousness? And can be magically transferred such as she once did by kissing Ann Patchett? The inspirational aunt we all need. Happy to have Aunt Liz on a recent Central Cal road trip.
  10. Consider The Lobster by David Foster Wallace
    Read by the man himself: considerations of porn, language, sports, excellence. The essay on why tennis champ Tracy Austin's memoir is so bad is an incredible probe into the costs of athletic excellence. Took me from Phoenix to Marfa, glad to have him.
  11. 1491: New Revelations On The Americas Before Columbus by Charles Mann read by Peter Johnson
    Couldn't sell @bjnovak on this one but I loved it. Both the wild, informative explorations on the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and what exactly the Western Hemisphere was like before Columbus, and the charming, gentle reading of Peter Johnson, like a wise but chill tour guide. A friendly buddy for weeks of to-from Van Nuys work commuting.
  12. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides read by David Pittu
    Thought David Pittu brought just the right tone to this story of college and post college romantic pain and disaster and self-exploration. Another commute friend.
  13. Martin Short, "I Must Say"
    So good 'cause he does all his character voices throughout the book!
    Suggested by @angusisley
  14. A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold
    Ms. Klebold narrates the story in the most earnest and thoughtful way. This is worth a read period, but the audiobook was beautiful.
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  15. Kate Mulgrew's Born With Teeth
    Suggested by @sonyau
  16. Yes, Please by Amy Poehler
    Amy's voice soothes you as she recounts fond memories of her childhood, that of her two sons, and her rise to fame, while simultaneously making you laugh out loud at her one-of-a-kind storytelling. Features cameos by Seth Meyers and Mike Schur, which are the icing on the cake.
    Suggested by @mjbarnes
  17. Enders Game
    It was read by like a whole cast. I was wary when we started it on a road trip but it was amazing! The author even said afterwards that an audiobook was the best format to experience his book
    Suggested by @edoublebubs
  18. Room, by Emma Donoghue
    You may have seen the movie, but the book is so captivating. And the audiobook is done hauntingly well.
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  19. Pillars of the Earth
    Suggested by @TVAddict
  20. Paul Stanley - Face The Music: A Life Exposed
    Yes, I'm a big KISS fan, but hearing Paul tell his story of living life with a ear microtia and how it affected him even into adulthood was fascinating. Hearing how he overcame many emotional obstacles to get to where he is today is inspiring. Plus there are great band stories too.
    Suggested by @JasonDavisVoice
  21. Aziz Ansari's "Modern Romance" read by the author.
    Suggested by @quartertonality
  22. A Man Called Ove
    Author: Fredrik Backman, Narrator: George Newbern
    Suggested by @H3Dakota
  23. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
    narrated by Kathleen Wilhoite who brings this book magically and remarkably to life, making it funny and moving in all the right places
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  24. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
    narrated by Kristoffer Tabori. The most perfect audiobook experience I've ever had.
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  25. The Coloring Book by Colin Quinn
    A very funny and interesting skewering race and basically all things by CQ. Soon to be a stage show directed by Jerry Seinfeld!
    Suggested by @TheWork
  26. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    A great book made PERFECT by the narration of John C. Reilly
    Suggested by @lauriecondra
  27. Ready player one - narrated by Will Wheaton
    Suggested by @mzzsarahmorris
  28. Bossy Pants narrated by Tina Fey
    Suggested by @nbwilli
  29. Anything by David Sedaris
    Suggested by @Jelo81
  30. David and Goliath by Gladwell
    Suggested by @hharritt
  31. Feed by M. T. Anderson
    Suggested by @moonpie28
  32. A Man Called Ove
    An emotional, poignant, funny tale of a curmudgeon who is figuring out life after his wife's passing. Read brilliantly by George Newbern
    Suggested by @mgotschall