I like to watch movies about mountain climbing and think I've seen every one avail on Instant.
  1. Touching The Void
    The best, watch this movie, incredible story, great twists, so intense but also includes a lovable schlub who got caught up in things. Reenactments with interviews.
  2. Beyond The Edge
    Very cool. Original footage plus reenactments about the first successful Everest ascent. Worth watching just for the fashion - the style on these guys was so rad. A great story of internal competition as well, the brash New Zealanders against the stuff English guys. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing such cool examples of calm badassery. Also has some of the clearest visualizations of Everest's geography I've seen.
  3. Nordwand/Northface
    Some great shots of old school climbing. But it's set in 1936 and the characters are not not Nazis enough to really get behind them. In German.
  4. The Summit
    Good story kind of frustratingly told. Odd editing choices botch a compelling narrative of fuckup x fuckup x fuckup + misfortune=catastrophe
  5. Everest: IMAX
    Some cool shots I guess but very tame as drama. We're past this.