There are some great negotiators on this app. I would love to hear their wisdom. I will bait them with opinions I took away from winning and losing some small negotiations
  1. You win when you know exactly what you want
    When you know exactly what will be a win, what will be a loss, what's for you an acceptable middle.
  2. You usually win when you know more than the other person
  3. You lose when you're not exactly sure what's at stake or what is most important
  4. You lose when you're not clear about what you're negotiating about
  5. You win for real if both sides leave happy
  6. You lose even if you win but the other side feels truly pissed or taken advantage of
  7. You lose if you get emotional
  8. You will win if ultimately it isn't that important to you
  9. You will walk away happy either way if you admire the other person and accept that the other person is honest and well-intentioned and negotiating in good faith.
  10. You'll be fine if you can feel confident this is the first of lots of good faith negotiations with this party
  11. You'll both do better if you respect each other
  12. The person who wants less gets what they want (especially relevant in relationship negotiations)
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  13. Your negotiating power is dependent on how much you value your next best option if you don't reach an agreement
    Known as "BATNA" - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. If you have many good options, you have a lot of leverage.
    Suggested by @gabe
  14. The person who asks the most questions has all the power
    Suggested by @clairewentthere