I got a media credential (as a reporter for Great Debates News) to Monday's Donald Trump rally in Vegas.
  1. Well-organized
    Volunteers signing up caucusers. Filled the arena efficiently. Started more or less on time.
  2. "We're not gonna be the dummies anymore folks"
    This line from early in the speech stuck with me. Anyone who promoted Jeb Bush was, imo, treating Republican voters like dummies. The media often talks about Republican voters like they are dummies. Frankly, a lot of them, to me, actually seem like dummies. If Trump successfully rallies dummies that's a lot of votes.
  3. Sputtering, fuming hatred of Hillary
    This was a wake up call to me, who thinks Hillary is kinda lame and a frequent liar but whatever. If you ask people about Hillary at a Trump rally they can't even really answer you, they look at you baffled, like maybe you're slow? and they don't know where to begin pointing out her obvious & almost endless corruptions and criminalities. Hillary for Jail 2016 very popular tshirt. Photo credit here: @medina
  4. The VA as an issue
    Everything I know about the Veterans Administration comes from one 60 Minutes segment I saw, which did indeed seem outrageous. To attendees I talked to this was obvious example number one of ongoing, disgraceful, frustrating government incompetence/corruption/failure.
  5. The parts where Trump encourages the crowd to boo the press box
    I mean: no doubt the press people are (generally) nerds and snobs who look down on the kinds of people who vote for Trump. To hear an arena full of people booing them is a new and invigorating sensation.
  6. Trump is having fun
    When he talks about how you're gonna be sick to your stomach from winning, when he riffs on whether or not we should give Bowe Bergdahl a parachute when we drop him back in Afghanistan, the "who's gonna pay for the wall?" "Mexico!" call and response - he is at least 50% doing a bit. The audience is having a blast. And you know what? It's funny and entertaining.
  7. On the other hand
    "They think we're kidding folks. We're not kidding."
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