Watched this week on strong recommendation from my sister @carocosmos
  1. Guy who quit to be with Britt is gay?
    Very cool move.
  2. Boxing date was amazing
    Also outrageous. Like this show. Very wrong to let Billy Z knock around guys 20 pounds lighter! He should've been punished for his bullying. Unsatisfying.
  3. Kaitlyn wasn't gonna visit Jared in the hospital??
    He got concussed for her amusement!
  4. The show is very kiss-positive
  5. Tony The Healer
    Hey whatever man he has his angle. Still if he believed in all that bullshit shouldn't he have conscientiously objected to the boxing date? Still: a great TV character, love him and JJ
  6. No way Joshua had heard of Amy Schumer
  7. Chris was disingenuous about how bad he would be at comedy
    He was ok, a fairly natural performer, and he knew it.
  8. JJ's dislike for Tony goes so far around it's a kind of love
  9. Why didn't we see more of Jonathan's standup?
    He seemed like the most confident. Why don't we see more of Jonathan generally? Team Jonathan!
  10. Who is a better investment banker do you think, Corey or JJ?
  11. ➕please add! ➕
  12. Realize this isn't a list exactly but whatever, let's push the frontiers of the form!
  13. You didn't even address Kupah
    Suggested by @carocosmos
  14. KUPAH!!
    Suggested by @fisackerly
  15. The moment when kupah said "but didn't you say you liked movies and movie quotes???" Also when he said "you're hot, your eyes are awesome."
    Suggested by @aidybryant