As requested by @sophia
  1. Your body and brain are mostly water
  2. We KNOW the moon's movements move water in wild ways
    It's called tides. Lives depend on it. The slight movements of the moon can move water in wild rushes of fifty feet every 12 hours. It's an extreme power that drives turbines, controls the fate of coastal communities, has cost lives.
  3. We know we don't know all kinds of stuff
    What moves the stars? "Gravity"? What is gravity? A bend in spacetime? A bump in the fabric of an unseen dimension? Investigate astrophysics and within an hour you will find yourself reading the nonsense speculations of men driven mad by their educated investigations.
  4. Who knows?
  5. Even a small (10%) movement of cellular energy could have a profound impact on individual behavior
  6. This effect would multiply exponentially across human interaction
  7. Also: WHO KNOWS
    We've been wrong about everything forever. All our theories have come to seem ludicrous. Astronomy as a serious science has already entered a realm where the most basic tenets baffle the mind. We're clearly beyond the understanding of our crude meat-computers called brains.
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