1. Côte De Beuf from Cliff's Edge, Silverlake
  2. Beef Tendon Panang from Night+Market Song, Silverlake
  3. #19 Pastrami Sandwich from Langer's Delicatessen, Westlake
  4. Salt and Charcoal Potato from INK, West Hollywood
  5. Braised Beef Noodle Soup from Din Tai Fung, Glendale
  6. Godmother Sandwich from Bay Cities Deli, Santa Monica
  7. Hot Chicken Sandwich from Howlin' Ray's, Culver City
  8. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese from Eggslut, DTLA
  9. Daikokuya Ramen from Daikokuya, Little Tokyo
  10. Belgian Fries from Wurstküche, Venice
  11. Chubby Pork Belly from Chego, Chinatown
  12. Spicy Pork Ribs from Honeypig, Koreatown
  13. Steak Picado from Guisados, Echo Park
  14. Truffle Shuffle from Stout's, Hollywood
  15. Kaeng Hang Leh from Pok Pok LA, Chinatown
  16. Squid Ink Garganelli from Union, Pasadena
  17. Escargot from Cafe Beaujolais, Eagle Rock
  18. Double Dipped Beef Sandwich from Philippe's Original
  19. Dodger Dog from Dodger's Stadium, Echo Park
  20. Mt. Taal Chicken from The Park's Finest, Echo Park
  21. French onion soup from Petit Trois, Hollywood
  22. Lamb with goat cheese French dip from Cole's, DTLA
  23. Tsukemen from Tsujita LA, Sawtelle
  24. Papaya Salad from Night+Market Song, Silverlake
  25. Hainan Chicken Rice from Savoy, SGV
  26. Dim Sum from New Harbour Seafood, SGV
  27. Peking Duck from Duck House, SGV
  28. Newport Lobster from Newport Seafood, SGV
  29. Omakase from Jinpachi, West Hollywood
  30. Uni sushi from Sushi Gen, Little Tokyo
  31. Soon Tofu from Beverly Soon Tofu, Koreatown
  32. Pho Dac Biet from Thien Huong Vietnamese, Chinatown
  33. Miso Gindara from Duck House, SGV
  34. Kim Chi Fried Rice from Dong Il Jang, Koreatown
  35. Bean and Cheese Burrito from Cactus Taco, Koreatown
  36. Fish Taco with Chipotle from Tacos Delta, Silverlake
  37. Hot Pot from Mizu 22, Sawtelle
  38. Chicken Empanada from Empanadas Place, Venice
  39. Banana Pudding from Blue's BBQ, Venice
  40. Carne Asada Mulita from Leo's Taco Truck, Echo Park
  41. Al Pastor Tacos from Leo's Taco Truck, Echo Park
  42. Spam Fried Rice from Button Mash, Echo Park
  43. Lobster Fries from The Tropic Truck