Reminder to self that there are quick healthy options nearby
  1. Falafel wrap from Tribal Cafe
  2. Sweet potato flautas from Sage Organic Bistro
  3. Veggie burrito from Tacos Delta
  4. Vegan burger from Burgerlordz (Chinatown)
  5. Veggie Pho from Blossom Vietnamese
  6. Tofu spring rolls from Blossom Vietnamese
  7. Double decker potato tacos from Trois Familia
  8. Veggie tamales from Tamales Alberto
  9. Any veggie option from The Park
  10. Popiah platter from Button Mash
  11. Buddhas Delight from Mandarin Chateau (Chinatown)
  12. Tofu pad see ew add eggplant from Mae Ploy
  13. Veggie tacos from Guisados
  14. The Leafy T from Chego in Chinatown
  15. Vegan Ricotta Kale Pizza from Mohawk Bend