1. The name
  2. The endless supply of name-related jokes and puns
  3. My grandparents (Nani & Papa)
  4. Nani's store: The Garlic Press
  5. Steak & Shake
  6. The general lack of things to do leaves lots of times for reading, movies, and time with family
  7. They are trying to rebrand the cool part of town as "Uptown"
  8. Grain silos converted into a rock climbing gym!
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  9. Refer to themselves as the "twin cities" with Bloomington, IL
  10. Like it was the real twin cities or something
  11. They even made up a colloquial abbreviation for the greater two-city metropolitan area
  12. Blo-No
  13. For all its peculiarities, it's been a solid place to spend 4-6 days in every year for the last 20 years