A definitive list
  1. 4 pair pants
    Ranked as: favorites, second favorites, sometimes, the ones you wear so people think you have more than three pairs of pants
  2. 8 button down shirts
    Blue, gray, and all the colors in between!
  3. 15 t-shirts
    Two stacks: black/grey, everything else
  4. 4 sweaters
    All J Crew...
  5. 2 pair gym shorts
    Probably time to buy a third
  6. 5 jackets
    Too many
  7. 6 pair shoes
    Chucks. Boots. Different sneakers for running, basketball, volleyball.
  8. 1 bathrobe
    To be burned immediately
  9. 1 pair sweatpants
  10. Socks
  11. Boxers
    War of attrition