1. Running Joggers - $30 - Nike
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    I swear people at the gym dress better than I do in regular life. As Joggers continue to be the fashion trend and being fit is hip, I decided to leave the shorts at home and jumped on the bandwagon. Now I can't use the excuse to skip going because I don't have cool gym clothes.
  2. New Balance "City Never Sleeps" - $250 - KithNYC
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    Speaking of Joggers, Ronnie Fieg continues to deliver with his aesthetic. I fell in love with this shoe the first time I saw them on Instagram. Sporting one of my favorite color combinations, these just speak to me. They weren't even on a sale. Sorry bank account.
  3. Tie clips - $15 - Expess
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    Every time I go to Vegas the safest bet is that I will lose these things by the first night. Express has been known to have ruined their retail integrity and there's no way I would pay for these things unless they're 50% off. I played the odds and bought two, which may last me the whole year. P.S. I didn't buy any shirts, and I personally feel the quality has gone down the toilet. I'd be shocked if you could get more than two wears out a shirt (Even dry cleaning won't save it).
  4. 6 FT iPhone charger - $5 - Amazon
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    Keeping a charger longer than several months is damn near impossible. If it doesn't start turtlenecking by month 3, some shady character is gonna come along and steal it anyways. Even at the normal price of $7, it's a damn steal, go get yourself 8 of these. And let's not over look that this is SIX feet long not like the Standard Apple ones that come in at two feet. Get your shit together, Apple-Are you making chargers for ants?
  5. Flannel - $30 - Banana Republic
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    Each year I tell myself "don't go to the outlets don't go to outlets, the parking is terrible, it's a damn zoo and the deals are mediocre." And yet I still end up at one. Though I only spent $30 bucks, it was probably my best experience as I got this shirt for half off at BR and avoided all the long ass lines.
  6. Agloves (iPhone gloves) - $7 - Amazon
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    It's cold + you can text. Amazing.