This was an important year and we all need to spend a little time ~reflecting~ on our greatest achievements. Thanks @ListPrompts
  1. January
    Damn we looked good that day but honestly Jan is always 💯 for me
  2. February
    This is really all I could find so I guess I was just super cute? Idk man
  3. March
    My #1 lady turned 50 and we had a **haunting** time celebrating with her
  4. April
    Dem boy won the national championship and I nearly DIED
  5. May
    My grandpa died but it's cool cause he was really chill about death
  6. June
    Blessed that @mackenzieo took such a great pic of me
  7. July
    @mackenzieo and I finally went to church together aka the 1989 tour
  8. August
    Spent ample time at the beach with my ladies @CoachK
  9. September
    Really killed the game with my haircut which literally changed my life
  10. October
    Great tat, better memories (except no memories cause my best friend died before he could get his tattoo)
  11. November
    Most important photoshop of all time
  12. December
    Appendix let me down one last time
  13. Overall I was really photogenic this year and finally discovered how much i look like Guy Fieri