A plea for help from Biochem 301
  1. This class is straight up 75 minutes long and no one at the age of 20 can focus for that long without some kind of stimulation
  2. Brian Coggins thinks he is a good teacher but in actuality he is not
  3. Brian Coggins uses 300 words when a normal human should use about 50
  4. Brian Coggins thinks he is funny
    He told a stupid joke and people laughed because they are teachers pets and I just cannot deal with such tom foolery
  5. Brian Coggins doesn't admit when he makes a mistake
    No Brian it is not the chair's fault that you tripped over it, stop blaming EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR MISDOINGS
  6. Brian Coggins thinks he is the smartest man alive which may well be true but that is just not a good quality to have
  7. Sometimes he does a creepy laugh and it makes me cringe every time
  8. His teeth are really far apart which is creepy af
  9. The subject matter is interesting but BRIAN COGGINS DESTROYS IT WITH HIS PRESENCE
  10. All I can think about is the words to "when we were young"
    Would it be rude to play aloud or would the student body appreciate it