Better fucking believe it, ladies.
  1. Boobs.
    How do men survive without these two ~stunning~ gal pals that are with you through good times and bad? So sorry boys
  2. Female friendships
    I have like ten people in my life I would currently marry and all of them are female
  3. Way better kissers
    Im saying this as a straight female with no sexual attraction to other females- we just do it best. Learn from us so we don't have to suffer any longer
  4. Generally just nicer
    Ladies just get it cause we literally create everyone from our vaginas
  5. Michelle Obama
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    Home girl just wants you to eat right for your body
  6. Vaginas
    We love to rag on em all the time but let's be real- they give a lot of joy to this world. Might not be the prettiest but definitely super important
  7. We run the world
    Educate a girl = save lives = eliminate poverty. Simple math
  8. Moms
    Most moms are also women. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. So good at removing blood stains
    Could easily erase evidence of murder
    Suggested by @mackenzieo