When I was 12 I had a dance teacher that showed my class 70s and 80s movie musicals once a week to broaden our knowledge of "performing arts." Looking back, most of these were inappropriate for 12 years olds to watch at public school but I'm glad she got away with showing us those movies. These are my favorite scenes in no particular order.
  1. Bye Bye Life - The finale of All That Jazz. I hope my last moments are exactly like this.
  2. I'm Alive - Xanadu. ELO, roller skates, and special effects that remind me of my childhood. Also, the lyrics make me really happy.
  3. Hot Lunch - Fame. I went to a performing arts school and I hoped one day I'd walk into the cafeteria and this would happen. However, I went to a performing arts school in Alabama, not Manhattan. I'm positive this is exactly what everyday at the New York High School of Performing Arts is like.
  4. Do You See the Light!? - The Blues Brothers. When reading this item on the list, imagine James Brown wearing church robes, saying it as loud as possible, and pointing at you. Man, those guys can jump really high!
  5. Wild and Untamed Thing - The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In a movie full of "huh?" For me, this part of the movie is like "ok, what's going on again?" Every Single Time. Kick line!
  6. Champagne - Tommy. That room! That outfit! Then... Champagne. Beans. Chocolate. Whoa.
  7. Everybody Rejoice - The Wiz. Don't you just want to dance?
  8. Bonus: Tequila - Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Break dance!