Some apps come and go, others stick around. These ones seem to hover in the ether - no idea why
  1. Shazam
    Who am I kidding? I know the music I like and I'm too stubborn to try much new music.
  2. Vine
    I've just got too many video apps now, and not enough impetus to actually record any. But I'm clinging on for some reason.
  3. Flixster
    I must have at least 50 films on here, but I've also got them all on blu ray and that is invariably where I watch them.
  4. Majestic Wine
    I like to pretend I want to know more about wine, but in reality I drink the same 4 or 5 wines.
  5. Bubbli
    This is actually a really clever app, and creates beautiful 360-degree photos. I just never seem to go anywhere inspiring enough to make me want to dig it out.
  6. Words with Friends
    I only seem to be able to focus on 2-3 iPhone games at a time, and this one fell through the cracks last year.
  7. Flickr
    I love using Flickr on desktop, but the iPhone app just doesn't seem to have any appeal. Or even work.
  8. English Heritage
    I only really installed this because I love the National Trust app so much, but seeing as I PAY for that (the NT) I always want to get my money's worth, so ignore the EH.