Which will it be?!
  1. Thomas the under-butler goes completely postal, shoots-up the entire household (except which ever fella he is swooning over that week) and then takes over the estate.
  2. Isis the dog comes back from the dead with a message for Lord Grantham: he has been sent back by Lucifer to collect the Dowager Countess, who Lucifer has a crush on.
  3. They all move out and let the National Trust / English Heritage take over the house. Baby Sibby is seen in a flash-forward as a pensioner tour guide, telling off children and telling anybody who will listen "I used to live here"
  4. Lady Mary and Lady Edith will go full-on sibling-fury and fight each other to the death. Carson referees.
  5. The whole house is swallowed by a massive sink hole. Downton Lake is born.