Some of the things which make Autumn (or Fall to you Americans) the best of all the seasons... Add your own!
  1. The log fires. We've got one roaring right now, and I bloody love it.
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  2. All the good TV shows start again after their summer break. Plus you've got stuff like Downton and the new Attenborough doc. Bliss!
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  3. The autumnal colours, all those leaves falling from the trees and the clear, frosty blue sky
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  4. The fact that it's acceptable to stay in and cuddle-up on the sofa again. Goodbye, summer socialising!
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  5. Say goodbye to the sweatiness of summer, with it's unpredictable heat and humidity. Even worse if you have to use the underground every day like I do.
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  6. Crunchy leaves under foot. Lush!
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  7. The run-up to winter and Christmas. All of the excitement and anticipation without any of the January blues!
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  8. Far more beautiful sunsets than the rest of the year. A delight for shepherds and normos alike
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  9. The evenings drawing-in, with my journey home being mostly in the dark. No idea why I like that. But I do.
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  10. Fireworks night. Sparklers especially!
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