Let's all take a collective sigh together...
  1. Everyday your boss gives you a laundry list of demands that always start off like.... "WE NEED TO DO THIS OR "WE NEED TO DO THAT" but in actuality you are the only one that has to do any of that sh*t!!
  2. You contemplate being homeless and it doesn't seem too bad as long as you can put up with the smell of not bathing for months
  3. You want to call in sick after being on vacation
  4. You take vacation after calling in sick
  5. You give your boss really mean nick names like devil and bitch ( sorry Jesus)
  6. You are late on purpose
  7. You make a budget with the possibility of being a porn star and doing a few movies a month and realize you could do that
  8. You hide at work till someone finds you
  9. Your bathroom breaks are longer than your lunches
  10. Your boss ask you to hand wash her underwear. Wait... What??? Yeah...
  11. Think about robbing a bank cause you'll never win the lottery
  12. You mess up with the intent of getting fired so you can get unemployment
  13. You stick your finger in the person's lunch who always leaves a snarky note not to touch their food
  14. You try committing suicide by eating too much Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
  15. You almost always send your bosses calls to voicemail
  16. You make funny faces and stick your tongue out behind your boss and co workers back
  17. You give the entire staff cruel nicknames
  18. Your boss micromanages your every move meanwhile their entire lives are falling apart right before your eyes and you want to laugh but can't.