1. You start referring to MTV and BET as The MTV and The BET.
  2. You don't recognize a damn song on the radio!
  3. You keep forgetting what BAE stands for and why you aren't one
  4. When someone says Netflix and chill. You are so confused but you laugh anyway to fit in with the cool people
  5. You start to dissect and pick apart every gray hair in your head
  6. You refuse to smile because the crows feet are out of control
  7. You wake up and can't remember what day it is
  8. When having on a housecoat and slippers is way more exciting than going to the club
  9. It rains your muscles ache
  10. You sneeze your muscles ache
  11. Plastic surgery is now an option
  12. You stare in the mirror for hours at your sagging neck