Favorite spells for surviving on the web by me Hermione
  1. Trollum Adnauseum
    A spell that automatically spams your point repeatedly until everyone gives up and / or has curfew.
  2. Correctus Profilius
    Automatically reveals accurate information on résumés and dating profiles including misleading headshots and whether the puppy is theirs or not.
  3. Placaciate
    A spell that makes a person stop harassing you and instead give you compliments like Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec.
  4. Cranius Reductum
    Reduces the ego of a verbal opponent. May also actually reduce head size but when you can't see them you don't feel too bad.
  5. Obliviate
    A classic memory spell to use on followers when you uploaded an Insta and it only got three likes.
  6. Ascetio!
    Makes someone delete their profile.
  7. Warts hex
    Sometimes it's just fun.