Inspired by @dena. I guess I maybe had an okay year.
  1. January
    I clearly did very little in January. Here's a picture of my dog wearing his little snow boots.
  2. February
    My nephew had his first birthday party! (His birthday is actually Jan 29.) He had absolutely no clue what to make of his cake.
  3. March
    A slow month but my mom did bestow upon me several boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  4. April
    In this installment of "pictures that vaguely look like pregnancy tests but definitely are not", I got the flu in April. The fucking flu. It was horrible.
  5. May
    I planted flowers on my balcony for the first time ever! They were all yellow, which is my favorite color. They were beautiful and sunny and it was good for my mental health and I can't wait for spring.
  6. June
    Make no mistake, I didn't go to the Blackhawks Stanley Cup rally, but I of course was stoked about the win.
  7. July
    Gifts from TSwift at the 1989 tour! Such a fun night.
  8. August
    Got a little tattoo! Barely hurt. I have nerves of steel.
  9. September
    One of my best friends got married! Her wedding was so much fun and I loved spending the weekend with all of my friends which we never get to do.
  10. October
    Went to two Hanson concerts. Drank an Mmmhops. The concerts were great, the beer was okay.
  11. November
    Stephen Kellogg 💙 his music gives me life.
  12. December
    Sure, there's lots of pictures I could post. But why not one of me doing a GlamGlow mask? This is me in my natural habitat.