Inspired by @mjdaly
  1. some kind of Nokia thing
    This isn't it, I couldn't find a picture of the actual thing, so this is just a representation of the chunky brick phone with rubber buttons that ruled the early 00s. My first phone was a Christmas present when I was 15 and I never remembered to charge it. Ahh, the simple life.
  2. Samsung flip phone
    I fully loved this phone. It was the first phone I really texted on and that was cool. This phone could have lasted many more years but I wanted go move on to bigger and better things.
  3. Motorola Razr
    Were you really anyone if you didn't have a Razr? Mine was silver, but my sister's was pink so she was clearly better than me. I used to T9 text on this bad boy.
  4. LG enV 2
    Another well-loved phone. It had a little button that would read texts aloud to you! Like a pre-Siri. I named her Patricia and we used to make her read dirty things. Hashtag college.
  5. HTC Droid Eris
    What a total piece of shit phone. It pretended that it was a smart phone but it could barely do anything. Regrets.
  6. iPhone 4
    Sweet, beautiful iPhone. What a new world it was. I had this one for a good 2.5 years because it just lasted. I dropped it so many times and yet it persevered.
  7. iPhone 5s
    I have chosen this broken image because about 3 months after I upgraded, I dropped this into a toilet and it never recovered, even after many days in a bag of rice. Always get the insurance.
  8. iPhone 5s #2
    The very phone on which I'm typing right now! Solid. I'll probably upgrade to the 7 once that comes out.