Thanks for the request 💕 I had to change the title to all-caps because I need the uniformity.
  1. My sense of humor
    I'm always the funny one and I always have a little comment to make that will make people laugh. And I like that!
  2. My eyes
    This is a picture of my eye sans-makeup. I feel like they're pretty! And my eyelashes are really long.
  3. My memory
    I have an amazing memory! It's bad because I tend to remember things I don't want to, but it helps me out a lot too.
  4. I'm very organized
    At work, I would win the award for Most Organized Workspace.
  5. My honesty
    I'm the one people ask if they want an honest opinion and not just to be agreed with and placated.
  6. My compassion
    I work for a charitable organization and some of the stories I hear just break my heart and I get too invested. But I'd rather be like that than cold and indifferent to those things.
  7. Kids and dogs always like me
    I just feel like kids and dogs have an intuition for if someone is an asshole, so this is a testament to my character.