I am so boring and fiscally responsible 😕
  1. I am putting like half of that money in the bank and letting it percolate.
    Taxes, you guys. I do not want to end up on a special on E! about lottery winners who fell from grace.
  2. A modest yet lovely home in the north suburbs of Chicago.
    By modest, I mean like 3000 square feet. Somewhere like Lake Forest or Deerfield. Nothing extravagant or Kardashian-esque, but nice enough that I could maybe be like a hotshot executive.
  3. A horse.
    And all of its gear too. I miss this sport so much but it's not really affordable since I don't have a trust fund or anything.
  4. A fucking state of the art security system.
    This WILL be Kardashian-esque. Nobody is taking my dog for ransom.