1. Rice
    Ugh, gross. This was a "I have no groceries but nobody wants to take me to Wal-Mart today" moment of desperation food.
  2. Subway
    The dorms I lived in for two years each had one of these in the lobby. It's not bad as drunk food. But that "Subway" smell (you know the one) has scarred me for life. Gross.
  3. Lo mein from Panda Express
    There was a Panda Express in the dorm food court. As such, I ate a lot of greasy noodles.
  4. Freeze pops
    People forget about these after elementary school but they're like $2 for a box of 100 and so delicious. A nice post-dinner snack.
  5. Uncrustables
    Whenever I had to resort to a late dinner, I scored these from the food court. If they were still frozen, I would aim my desk lamp at them like some kind of bush league easy bake oven.
  6. California veggie pita from McAlister's deli
    McAlister's is this deli place, like Panera but way better, that they have in the south. There was one of these in the student union and they took flex dollars!
  7. Macaroni and cheese
    We were such cheap-asses that we used to make half the box of Kraft at a time and save the rest, open and half-empty cheese packet and all.
  8. Veggie chik'n nuggets
    A splurge for sure, but so good.
  9. Grilled cheese
    The perfect between-classes lunch. We truly lived on this junior year.
  10. Pancakes and hash browns
    Breakfast for dinner night was the best. I was the best at flipping pancakes. We would eat this and watch Biggest Loser bc irony.
  11. Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks
    Also in the student union, also took flex dollars. Still a guilty pleasure food.
  12. Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins
    Everyone knows the reduced fat ones are better than regular and also they're so addictive.
  13. Ranch dressing
    On. Everything.