1. Spoilers
  2. Spoilers
  3. So many spoilers
  4. Leave now if you have not finished reading the play or I'm going to fuck your shit up.
  5. So obviously the play has different actors than the movies. I could pretty well picture the new actors, with the notable exception of paunchy Rupert Grint. Paunchy Rupert Grint is burned into my mind.
    Also Snape. Alan Rickman is Snape, always. (See what I did there?)
  6. I want to know more about why Ron was drunk at his and Hermione's wedding.
  7. I also want to attend their vow renewal ceremony.
    I ship them so hard.
  8. Hermione is Minister for Magic, guys! She's basically President! And I'm sure she's a good one.
  9. Do you guys think that they'll all remain friends with Draco after this?
    I'm sure Albus and Scorpius will. And I loved seeing them all join forces for a common goal. But I just don't see it going much beyond that, do you?
  10. By the way, that alt-world that Scorpius saw where Voldemort had won? That's a Trump presidency.
    I half-expected them to be like "oh yeah, there's this orange Muggle in America that we think has the right idea too..."
  11. It makes perfect sense for Voldy and Bellatrix to have hooked up.
    You could tell she was in love with him - but like... was he human enough for sexy time? He has no nose, but I guess he still kept other appendages. 😳
  12. I liked getting more insight into Draco and why he did the things he did. He really was lonely at Hogwarts - he didn't have friends, just people he bossed around. He was just trying to belong somewhere, however misguided.
  13. Also, Draco seems like a good dad - he clearly loves his son and loved his wife.
    And Jo said he wasn't boyfriend material... pshh #secretcrushondraco
  14. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I loved being back in that world. I know some people say it's fan fiction, but I don't feel that way. Think of it as a reunion episode of your favorite show.
  15. Time to reread all seven books again!