Inspired by @zoe (and like 7 thousand other people)
  1. Sandwich
    Jimmy John's #6 (the vegetarian one) with NO TOMATOES EVER
  2. Mixed drink
    Usually vodka soda with lime, but lately I'm into gin and tonic.
  3. Wrap
    Only if it's like the only option. Not feeling it.
  4. Pizza
    Thin crust cheese, cut into squares. If there must be toppings, mushrooms, olives and green pepper.
  5. Sushi
    No thank you.
  6. Ice cream
    Ooh so many choices! I like lots of chunks so Ben and Jerry's is ideal but sometimes dairy makes me feel sick so I choose coconut milk ice cream. Occasionally though I just crave plain chocolate.
  7. Birthday
    We shall go directly from August 30 to September 1 without acknowledging the day between.
  8. Workout routine
    Cleaning the house.
  9. Friend
  10. Meltdown
    Letting everything build up until I either have an enormous sobbing fit for hours, or just cry intermittently over the course of a day.