Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Age: 28
  2. Height in inches: 66
  3. Pounds I've lost in the last week: 4.4
    Most of it was probably water weight but it's still a good start.
  4. Lipsticks rolling around in my purse: 10
    Some are liquid lipsticks, and 2 are actually lip liners, but still.
  5. Siblings: 2
  6. Times in my life I've gotten straight As: 1
    This was in like 7th grade.
  7. Foreign countries I've visited: 7
    Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany
  8. Tattoos: 1
  9. Piercings: 5
    I had to feel my ears to be sure - 2 of them (my cartilage and tragus) haven't had the earrings removed in about 10 years.
  10. Times I've watched Friday Night Lights all the way through: 3
    clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose 💙
  11. Bones I've broken: 1
    I broke my finger driving a golf cart when I was 10. Probably a list for another day!
  12. States I've been to: 21
  13. Hours my plane was delayed on Wednesday: 4
    Another list for another day...
  14. Items in my "Saved for Later" list on Amazon: 7
    Includes a cast-iron skillet and eyeshadow primer.
  15. THAT number: 3
  16. People who attended my wedding: 30
    In the words of Rachel Green, "it was small but kind of spectacular."
  17. Dollars I have to spend to become VIB Rouge at Sephora: 647
    It's only February so this is problematic.
  18. Current battery percentage: 26
    Living dangerously.