I generally don't like showers and only do it to remain acceptable in society, but these have been remarkable.
  1. First-ever dorm shower
    The first day of my freshman year of college, before I realized I could roll out of bed and go to class in my pajama pants. I adjusted well to showering in flip-flops.
  2. Post-high school retreat
    I went on like a 3-day school retreat and the showers were so gross that nobody dared risk it. So I put on a hat and didn't wash my hair for 3 days (and I used to wash it religiously every morning). It was basically plastered to my head and I had to shampoo several times.
  3. At the Pfister hotel in Milwaukee
    My mom, my sister and I had a girls weekend there a few summers ago, and the fancy shower sprayed water at you from all angles.
  4. Post-frosting smashed into my hair incident
    Somehow my sister's college graduation party devolved into a food fight of sorts and I ended up with buttercream frosting mashed into my hair. IT IS SO HARD TO WASH FROSTING OUT OF YOUR HAIR. It's so insanely greasy, I am eternally grossed out by frosting.
  5. Post-Taylor Swift 1989 concert
    It was like 90 degrees and humid the whole concert, which was fine. What was not fine was the post-show 5 mile walk to the hotel my friends were staying in, because Uber was at 5x surge and there was not a cab to be seen. This shower was ice cold and took place at 1 AM.
  6. Any post-spray tan shower
    Look at all that bronzer going down the drain!