Inspired by @mrush
  1. When my dad came to my summer camp play when I was 8.
    He came from work, like an hour and a half trip, in the middle of the day. I will always remember seeing him in the crowd.
  2. Sitting at the top of Croagh Patrick in Ireland when I was 16.
    It was the one day of the year that it was 90 degrees out. I had my period, the bugs were assaulting us, but when we got to the top it was cool and foggy and beautiful. I ate a Rice Krispie treat.
  3. My first Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers concert when I was 18.
    I was going through a tough time that semester but discovering that music made me feel a lot better.
  4. My 16th birthday.
    I was in a horse show and I started on the course before the official signal to go. They let me start again and I won the division.
  5. Winning the school spelling bee in 7th grade.
    Spelling is like the one thing I'm good at. And kids at my school were really dorky and the school spelling bee winner was basically a rock star.
  6. My first kiss with my husband.
    I swear it happened in slow motion like it was a movie.
  7. The entire day we spent in Venice.
    Venice is amazing. The fish markets, the gondolas, lunch along the canal. Best day on record. Why didn't we stay longer than a day?!
  8. Sitting in a Taco Bell in Jupiter, FL with my mom and sister.
    We used to go on girls trips to the beach and this beach town had like 2 places to eat and one of them was this Taco Bell so we went like 3 nights in a row.
  9. And so much more. It's been an good life, guys 👌🏻