Alternate Title: CELEBRITY LADIES I LOWKEY HAVE CRUSHES ON (since I don't really think I look like any celebs so this is like a fantasy list)
  1. Anna Kendrick
    My mom's friend said she looks like me! I don't think I see it but she's pretty and it's a huge compliment. Also, is she on the list app? She'd make great lists.
  2. Troian Bellisario
    I have such a crush on her. I keep hoping I can be her one day when I grow up.
  3. Brie Larson
    She looks nothing like me but is so adorable!
  4. Kendall Jenner
    Haha the day I have her body type will be the day pigs fly gracefully across the skies but man she's gorgeous.
  5. Kim Kardashian
    I mean feel free to think I look like her, she is beautiful.
  6. Emma Watson
    I would be remiss not to include her. Another one I wish I could grow up into. Smart and gorgeous.