1. My dad has worked for the same company for 31 years.
    This kind of loyalty to a job, you don't see much anymore. I mean, this is longer than I've been alive.
  2. He was/is a partner at a big 5 accounting firm.
  3. Before he made partner, we didn't have a ton of money. He got transferred a few times, and when we lived in Cincinnati we had a big house with no furniture because we couldn't afford any.
  4. Obviously that changed and we were able to move back to Chicago, live in a nice house with furniture in it, have wonderful opportunities.
  5. And it's all because of how hard he worked.
  6. He never stopped working. He would come home on the train, make a quick dinner, and open the laptop up again.
  7. Make no mistake, he loves his job.
    If it's possible to be passionate about taxes, he is.
  8. But he also did that for us. He did so much for us that I never thought about.
  9. I realized that my dad is the reason I can catch and throw a ball, that I can drive in downtown traffic, that I don't whine (as much) anymore.
    His life motto is basically "no whining" 😜
  10. I realized he's actually a pretty amazing guy.
    He's smart, welcoming, generous, his work ethic is second to none.
  11. The people at the party last night were co-workers, associates, various underlings. People couldn't say enough nice things.
  12. Growing up I always pictured my dad as a very scary, mean boss. I heard stories of him making people cry and firing them.
    I learned later that they were firable offenses, and it was justified.
  13. And the man does not suffer fools. I know from experience, the margin of error with him is almost non-existent.
  14. But I was so surprised by the things people said.
  15. They said they're so sad he's leaving. That he's such a fun, easygoing boss but so smart and they've learned so much from him.
  16. You could tell that they meant it. After all, who goes to the afterparty for someone they don't like?
    And omg, those tax kids can party. Work hard play hard?
  17. I guess it wasn't really surprising, once I thought about it. He loves his work and he's not a tyrant.
  18. I think I just pictured him going to work and being a scary boss man all day, not realizing the huge impact he had on everyone for over 30 years.
    That's no small feat. It's one thing to do your job, it's another to actually teach and lead and help people grow.
  19. So this is just a little tribute to my old man. Thanks for working so hard for us so we could have the life we did. It made all the difference.
  20. And as a side note, everyone there knew who I was. They've probably been looking at the same picture of me as a second-grader for the last 20 years.
    He literally had the same pictures up in his office for decades until my stepmom made him updated picture frames of us kids 😂
  21. Happy retirement! Here's to many years ahead of golf and fishing.