These are for typical headaches, not migraines. The only thing that works on migraines is praying for death. I'm also not a doctor or any kind of medical professional, this is just what works for me personally. Please add your own! Always looking for ideas.
  1. Pretzels and Gatorade
    It makes sense. Sodium from the pretzels and potassium from the Gatorade unite to save the day.
  2. Full-fat Pepsi
    I know it doesn't have fat in it, but the sugar and caffeine usually work. And I think Pepsi has more sugar in it than Coke which is why I choose it.
  3. Peppermint oil on the temples
    Dilute it with coconut oil because it is really strong, and wash your hands after you apply it. But it helps.
  4. Ice pack to the head and neck
    I have this long tube of an ice pack that I use and I usually put it against my forehead, the back of the neck, anywhere that feels good.