Feel free to psychoanalyze me!
  1. Voldemort
    I've been having this one on and off for years. I am usually one of the Hogwarts gang in this dream, but sometimes I'm a magical version of myself. Sometimes I defeat Voldy, sometimes I don't even see him but I can feel his presence. These are very stressful dreams.
  2. Pregnant and/or giving birth
    I had one of these just last night, where I was extremely pregnant and completely ill-prepared for the baby. As in, was on the way to the hospital and didn't have a car seat. Sometimes I'm giving birth in these dreams. It is always so real, I can usually feel the baby moving and everything. 99% of the time it is a boy.
  3. Serial killers
    This is a fun new one! In this one, there are two serial killers who drive around my neighborhood in a batmobile, killing people. I have had to remind myself that this is not actually happening in real life.