Inspired by @AileenRR and Monica Geller
  1. Actual bath towels
    The large huge ones that we actually use to dry off after showering.
  2. Old bath towels
    Used to be regular use, and now live in the closet waiting for their turn.
  3. Kitchen hand towel
    Any number of regular hand towels that may or may not match.
  4. Bathroom hand towel
    Has to match the decor of the bathroom so cannot be interchanged with kitchen hand towel.
  5. Cleaning rags
    Old gross hand towels get demoted to this category.
  6. Gardening towel
    Demoted from cleaning rags, these are no longer worthy of wiping down the counters and now do things like wipe the tiles on the balcony after I plant flowers.
  7. Face washing cloths
    A few small little wash cloths I use when I do my oil cleansing or a face mask.
  8. Microfiber clothes
    Literally everything sticks to these and I use them to sweep up dog fur when I'm feeling lazy.
  9. Dog paw towel
    The cutest category. A little blue towel I use to wipe Sammy's paws when he comes inside after being in the snow. Usually get through 3 paws before he loses interest and walks away. 🐾