To read this list, you would think "okay so she hates romance and Christmas" and you wouldn't be totally off the mark. Controversy? Maybe.
  1. The Notebook
    It's not that romantic. What does "if you're a bird, I'm a bird" even mean?
  2. Up
    I didn't think that one montage was that sad? Like yes she died but it seemed like they lived a good life together? And I get that it's really sweet and romantic that he flew their house to South America but that's really unrealistic and dangerous? I liked the dog though. I mean it was good, but it was no Inside Out. Am I dead inside maybe?
  3. The Matrix
    Kinda boring tbh.
  4. The Princess Bride
    I am going to lose all my friend for saying this but I just don't like this movie.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean
    Maybe I'm just the outlier that didn't like this, because I know most people love it but I found it really boring.
  6. A Christmas Story
    Does anyone actually like this movie or are they just convincing themselves they do? Maybe I'll do a list about why this movie is stupid. Because it is, you guys. It really is.