Fish do not count.
  1. Rocco
    Cool fact: my dad and I adopted this dog from a shelter when my mom was out of town. I was 5. He went back to the shelter after a couple days 😞
  2. Willy
    Willy was a treasure. Our parents got us this "sorry we had to move again" golden retriever puppy when I was 6, and he was so smart and so cute. I was devastated when he passed away, but he lived a great life and is remembered fondly.
  3. Sylvester
    An impulse adoption! My mother learned that you don't take two little girls to the animal shelter "just to look for fun" because you will walk out with a kitten. This cat only loved my mom and hated the rest of us, but he was very cute. He also hated catnip. I like to think he wanted to keep his mind sharp to plot his world domination.
  4. Jerry Seinfrog
    I got a pet frog in like 4th grade and named him in honor of my favorite comedian. But he got boring, so I set him free in the lake behind our house.
  5. Rice the hamster
    What family didn't have a series of dysfunctional hamsters? I named him Rice because I wanted my sister to name hers Krispie, but she did not go along with it. I was like 6 years old.
  6. Cricket
    Cricket was my first horse. She had a thing for refusing jumps but mostly she was a great horse and I loved her dearly.
  7. Frank
    Frank was my second horse. He was incredible and young and fast as fuck and would jump over anything and we won our show division on my 16th birthday. He also never wanted to eat and I had to put Guinness over his food, which my dad thought was really cool.
  8. Sammy
    I have no words for Sammy except that the best way to describe him is to say that strangers on the street often ask "is he still a puppy?" He is 7 years old, but he has a baby face and so much energy. And I am obsessed with him.