So. Many. Questions.
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  4. Did they call Sheila to the stand? If so, why did we not see it?
    They made such a huge deal of bringing her back from Argentina and then we never spoke of her again. Why not subpoena her now?!
  5. Has Mike watched Making a Murderer?
    Because if it exists in the Suits universe, he would fucking love it.
  6. Why do they treat Rachel like an attorney?
    She's always referred to as "Harvey's associate" and she was sitting second chair when Mike was defending Mr. Diaz. I know Pearson Specter Litt plays it fast and loose with the rules but you'd think one fake attorney would be plenty for them. She's still in law school!
  7. Why is Rachel so boring now?
    All of 5B she has basically just drank wine while stressing over Mike.
  8. Why is Rachel so naive?
    "Mike, just believe in yourself! You're worthy of being found innocent" is all great except he is actually GUILTY of the crime he's accused of committing. Take off those rose-colored glasses, girl.
  9. How did Mike think it was even remotely a good idea to represent that one guy?
    I get that he loves lawyering and he probably won't get to do it much longer, but come on, dude.
  10. Why did the judge let his motion pass?
    The prosecution didn't get to explain any of the other evidence they had (from that search warrant thing for Mr. Diaz), then Anita Gibbs came in and was like "you know he's on trial, right?" and the judge was just like "no it's cool, motion passed". Why?
  11. What was that weird coded conversation Louis had with Gretchen?
    I know he taped his fight with Harvey. But then he was talking to Gretchen and it sounded like he threw it away? Except he was literally just listening to it?
  12. Why didn't Mike tell Harvey about the deals he was offered?
    When they were both running at the end I was like "you both are about to fall on swords when only one person has to" come onnnnn boys
  13. Didn't Mike agree to waive his right to a mistrial? If so, why was Harvey trying so hard to find grounds for one?
    I'm pretty sure he did agree to waive his right because I thought "ok that was dumb". And then Harvey was out blackmailing people to try to get one? Like Harvey you were there? You know what happened?
  14. Is this show going to pull some bs where we never get to find out the jury's verdict?
    I mean probably, right?