Please share your ideas!
  1. Kissing in the rain
    Just seems like a good way to catch a cold.
  2. Breakfast in bed
    I love my bed as much as anyone, perhaps more. But I'm just grossed out by like, eating syrupy pancakes or scrambled eggs in bed. Seems messy.
  3. Shower sex
    Sounds like a fun sexy concept until your bodies don't align right because you're standing, someone is cold bc they're not under the stream of water, and there's the danger of slipping and wiping out.
  4. Baths together
    Two adults don't ever really fit nicely unless you have an enormous tub. And then with the warm water and body heat, it's sweaty and not in a good way.
  5. The grand gesture
    I won't say I didn't love it when Seth stood on that coffee cart, but this is not a fair thing to do to someone. It forces them to agree to whatever you're saying, lest they come off as a jerk if they want to say no.
  6. Picnics
    This sounds like the least fun ever. The ground is never even and there's bugs in your food.