There's an underlying theme, who can guess it?
  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    I drink a lot of butterbeer and get sorted into Hufflepuff (because what other house would I get sorted into) and get a wand and do so many magical things.
  2. Bagel tour of NYC
    Just me walking around NYC in a cute outfit, eating authentic New York bagels for every meal. I probably also buy a cheap knock-off designer purse from a guy on the street. (The guys who have the goods in hidden in opaque bags, you guys. Those are the best ones. The ones with a table display are crap.)
  3. An incredibly lazy beach vacation
    I go to a tropical destination, lay around on the beach and drink lots of tropical drinks. Literally that's it. There are no excursions of activities, I just lay on the beach and read and completely decompress. And I do not burn.
  4. The No Carb Left Behind Tour™ of Europe
    I start in Ireland for potatoes and beer, then France for some bread, then Italy for pasta, wine, and gelato, then Germany for pretzels and beer, then Holland for those fries with that fancy cheese on top and some "brownies".
  5. Girls trip to a cabin
    No boys allowed! All my girls and I get a cabin at a lake in Wisconsin. We spend some nights going out to the local dive bars. Others, we stay in, drink cheap wine and alternate laughing until our abs hurt and pouring our hearts out until we cry. In the mornings, we go out for pancakes and no one is hungover.