1. Uber drivers
    Oh hello stranger, yes I'll get into your car and assume you won't kidnap and/or murder me.
  2. The eyebrow threading lady
    I don't have thick brows like at all so if she were to get a little heavy handed with the thread it could go downhill really quickly. Yet I go in there and just let her do her thing. (She's amazing though.)
  3. Restaurant staff
    I am trusting complete strangers to cook something that will taste good and not kill me.
  4. Beauty store employees
    Basically if you work at Sephora or Ulta I trust that you are intimately familiar with every single product and know what will look good on me. They recommend, I buy. I'm the ideal customer.
  5. Doggy hotel employees
    Let me just hand over the furry light of my life and trust that you'll feed him and take him to go potty and look out for him in play group because he's a wuss. (He's always fine, but seriously it's a big deal.)