Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Lake Eleanor
    The street I lived on from ages 6-22. It was a cul-de-sac and we had a lake in the backyard and I have a lot of fond memories. 🏠
  2. Locust
    I lived in 2 different apartment buildings on Locust St. my junior and senior years of college. So much boxed wine was consumed on this street by me and my roommates. College was great. (I looked up these apartments online just now, and WOW nostalgia city.)
  3. Mulberry
    My freshman year dorm was on this street! I had a lot of fun here and made a lot of friends on this street.
  4. Fell
    Sophomore year dorm was on this street and while the rooms were huge, it was an annoying place to live. Still college though, so still fun.
    (I'm not going to tell you the street I live on! This is still the internet.) My current residence! I love this place and have lived here for 4 years but adulting is a lot more responsibility than all those college apartments.
  6. Halsted
    My first big-girl apartment. A good one. Not noteworthy but in a fun neighborhood!
  7. Melrose
    Hashtag shithole is how I would describe this place. There was a water leak on the wall that they just did not care to fix for the longest time. It never felt clean even after I spent hours deep-cleaning because it was covered in dust when we moved in. Fuck that place.
  8. Bolingbroke
    We lived on this street in Ohio for a couple years when I was in preschool. It was a big house and I'm sure it was fine but I don't really remember it too well.
  9. Whatever street we lived on in Detroit
    I have no idea what street we lived on when I was first born. So it's ranked last since I wouldn't be able to pick this house out of a lineup.