Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Organize the spare bedroom.
    Monica had her messy closet and I have this room. Maybe my assistant can start by organizing the DVDs or the desk or literally anything, I'm scared of it in there and so I close the door and ignore it.
  2. Do something about my wedding dress.
    It is currently crammed in a closet and still has bronzer stains by the armpits. I don't need it preserved, but maybe take it to get cleaned and then donate it.
  3. Go buy me coffee and a bagel.
    I really enjoy starting weekend morning like this but I never want to change out of my PJs.
  4. Organize my car.
    It's a terrifying mess because I never drive anywhere anymore. Every time I get in an uber I wish my car was even remotely as tidy.
  5. Drag my ass out of bed.
    Don't let me hit the snooze button. Make sure I get up!
  6. Clean out the French press without getting any coffee grounds down the sink.
    Coffee grounds will clog up your sink. As such, cleaning a French press is an obnoxious undertaking that I would gladly pay someone to do.
  7. Make embarrassing purchases.
    White wine, ice cream and barbecue potato chips? Toilet paper at 10 at night? I cannot face the corner store guy in moments like this. I need someone else to do this.
  8. This poor sweet person, I hope I am paying him/her well!